The siren

Is it not the first Monday of the month and the siren goes off? Then there is danger and the siren goes off to warn you. Then you need to get inside as quickly as possible, close windows, doors and other openings and follow the news on television, radio or the internet.

Go inside as quickly as possible

  • Quickly enter your home or the nearest building.
  • Do you see other people who do not hear the siren? Warn them.
  • Help other people and animals: let them take shelter with you.
  • Children who are at school or day care will stay there. The supervisors help them.

Are you in the car?

  • Park and quickly go inside somewhere.
  • Can't? Stay in the car, turn off the engine and close the air vents. Also keep windows and doors closed.
  • Turn on the radio and listen to the regional broadcaster. This will give you more information on what to do.

Close doors, windows and other openings

  • Close doors and windows. This prevents hazardous substances from getting inside.
  • Also consider other openings in your house: the cooker hood, grills or a connecting door.
  • Switch off mechanical ventilation by pulling the plug.

Follow the news on the radio, television or Internet

Does the siren stop? Wait until everything is safe.

Do not go outside until you hear that the situation is safe again. You can hear this on the radio or news broadcast of the regional public broadcaster, via an NL-Alert, from the emergency services, or read about it on the internet.