When there is danger in the Netherlands, the government informs you of the developments of the incident or crisis and the actions you should take in various ways. The government communicates through websites, social media or the (regional) public broadcasters on radio and television.

If the power goes down and an Internet connection is no longer possible, the regional public broadcaster can still continue to broadcast via radio. Therefore, we also recommend to have a radio  in the emergency kit in the house.

This could be a battery-operated radio or a digital radio (DAB+). If you have a digital radio, check that it also has FM frequencies. Then you can be sure that during an emergency situation, you will stay informed and be notified by the authorities. Even if there is no power or Internet connection.

Radio station

Every region has its own radio station and FM frequency. Check the overview for the frequency in your region. You can already tune your radio to the right frequency. A DAB radio automatically receives the regional broadcaster of the region.

Radio frequencies
Broadcaster FM transmitter location Frequency in Mhz
FM transmitter location Jirnsum 92,2
Smilde 92,5
Radio Noord Groningen 97,5
Radio Noord Smilde 90,8
Emmen 99,3
Radio Oost Hengelo 89,4
Markelo 95,6
Markelo 97,9
Zwollekerspel 99,4
Radio Gelderland Arnhem 88,9
Ugchelen 103,5
Ruurlo 90,4
Megen 89,1
Zaltbommel 99,6
Radio M Utrecht Lopik 93,1
Rhenen 97,9
Omroep Flevoland Lelystad 89,8
NH Radio Amsterdam 88,9
Alkmaar 88,7
Hilversum 88,7
Wieringermeer 93,9
Radio West Den Haag 89,0
Leiden 88,0
Rotterdam 89,3
Rijnmond Rotterdam 93,4
Omroep Zeeland Goes 87,9
Vlissingen 98,4
Omroep Brabant Roosendaal 91,0
Loon op Zand 91,9
Megen 95,8
Mierlo 87,6
L1 Radio (Limburg) Roermond 100,3
Emmaberg 95,3