You will only receive an NL-Alert if there is an incident near you. You will then receive a message on your mobile phone. The NL-Alert tells you what is going on, what to do and where to find more information. Anyone in an area surrounding an incident can receive an NL-Alert. Even if you are passing through or happen to be visiting the area.

NL-Alert works even if the mobile phone network is overloaded. Receiving an NL-Alert? Read the message immediately, take action and help others.

NL-Alert test message

Every first Monday in June and December, you will receive a test message around noon. That test message comes at the same time as the monthly test of the siren. So you can experience what it is like to receive an NL-Alert and check whether your mobile phone receives NL-Alerts.

More information

You can find more information about NL-Alert on the website