Simone (39) works for the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) and lives with her husband and two children in Gieten.

"As parents of young children, it feels good to be self-reliant in certain situations. Sometimes they’re just little things. Kids are already afraid of the dark. So, wouldn’t it be useful to have candles and a torch? An emergency radio is also nice to have in your home. When there’s a power failure, then at least we are not isolated from the outside world."

"Corona increased my awareness to put an emergency kit together. It also ensured that we talked about it with friends. We have a good life, and we rather expect that everything works. But, as we’ve seen, the world can change quickly. Then I’d rather be well prepared."

"A next step for us is to make arrangements with family members. We always support each other, but what do we do in an emergency?"