Nelleke, pictured with her granddaughter Amélie, is 81 years old and lives in Oegstgeest.

"As a child, I was in a Japanese POW camp during the war. That experience made me realise that your ‘life of luxury’ can be over in no time. So, for me it is very logical to have an emergency kit and a stockpile of long-life foods in the house."

"It doesn’t keep me awake at night, but I do take war into account, given the current tensions with Russia." She thinks an emergency kit can also be useful for possible consequences of the climate crisis. "If amenities cease to exist, you’ll need an emergency radio anyway. We don't have to be cramped about it, but awareness is important, so people are prepared. There’s not much more you can do." 

"My children and grandchildren prefer not to think about it, but also realise that bottles of water and an emergency radio are essentials to have at home."