Florine (59) is a nurse who lives with her husband and Fred the cat, in the centre of Meppel. Their son who lives away from home has always been interested in survival.

"We think it’s quite normal to prepare for our holidays, but we seldom prepare for a disaster. That applied in my case too until our son told me it would be smart to put together an emergency kit. It was at the time that war broke out in Ukraine. We had just seen the end of the corona crisis." 

At first, she thought, what nonsense. But a friend who lives out in the countryside convinced her to change tack. That friend lives in a farmhouse that has a large stock cellar and a vegetable garden. She said: "Imagine if war breaks out, then I will be fine, but how will you cope?"

"I bought some stuff like an emergency radio. In this way I’ll still be able get instructions if there is a power failure. I also prepared a crate of food supplies and packs of water, which will at least provide for our primary subsistence for a few days."