Errol and Karin

Errol (55) is a consultant at the municipality of Almere and Karin (54) is a risk manager at Rabobank.

Karin: "We are from Suriname where power failures happen regularly. Everyone there has candles or they have solar-powered lamps in their homes."

"When I was young, my mother taught me that it is also smart to have a supply of basic commodities in the house. She often joked: "if anything should happen, at least you won’t die of hunger." 

"At home we have a stockpile of long-life food, but we also always have a supply of medication and toiletries", Errol adds. "This enabled us to simply use stuff that was in our pantry during corona."

"Since recently, we also have a vegetable garden. It's nice to potter around in it and it also makes us less dependent on supermarkets. Imagine that payment orders are temporarily not possible, or if shop shelves are empty due to a crisis, then we would not need to be too concerned about it."