Dewi (26) lives with her husband and 8-month-old daughter in the centre of Venlo. She is a sales representative.

Enlarge image Dewi and her dad sitting on a chair with their emergency kit
Enlargement Image Dewi

"When I left home, my father gave me a washing machine, a tumble dryer and an emergency kit. My grandfather was a military man, and his wise advice was to at least have enough available to tide you over for a few days, should that be necessary." 

"I now have everything readily available, should I need it. This includes a first aid kit, matches, alcohol gel, torches and tealights. I even included medicines and stuff for my daughter, like nappies and infant formula."

"In July of 2021, Venlo had to deal with the flooding of the River Meuse," says Dewi. "Although we are quite a distance away, I do have friends and family who were not allowed to leave their homes. Others simply had to leave as fast as possible. At that time, there were power failures at several locations. Then you have absolutely nothing! That’s when it’s rather nice to have a tealight and a torch at hand."