Ben (25) is an econometrics student who lives with his girlfriend in Groningen.

"The world has become less stable. A hack, a new pandemic, or threats from Russia could create an emergency situation. I want to be prepared for that."

"During corona, I noticed how little I actually had in the house, should something happen. I then started putting a package together that my girlfriend and I could use to survive for a week. The most essential things to me are food and drink. By using the water filter, we could even purify canal water."

"I sometimes talk to my friends about it, but most of them are students who prefer to spend their money on other things. Of course, that is one way of doing it, but I think that everyone should make their own choices."

For Ben, the emergency kit does not necessarily offer a feeling of safety, it mainly offers a feeling of being well prepared. "Prepping sounds so negative, but it’s derived from the word prepare, which doesn’t mean much more than just being prepared."